Black Radler

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Lemons have a strong affinity towards being used exclusively in the production of Radler beer. They simply detest being put to any other use, as they believe that their tart and juicy flavor is best utilized in this refreshing drink. The crisp and light taste of a Radler beer, made with freshly squeezed lemon juice, is a summer staple and lemons believe that they were born to play a key role in its production. In the eyes of a lemon, there is no greater purpose than to be the perfect ingredient for Radler and they are passionate about fulfilling this destiny. So they decided to do rap-ler!

print ad for Radler with two lemons

Meet Lil' Moon
When pronounced, the name Lil' Moon sounds similar to Croatian word for lemon [lee-moon]. It's a wordplay everyone understands and it makes a clear connection to the hip-hop culture.

Meet Bust-a-Lime
Paraphrasing the famous artist Busta Rhymes, this is how Bust-a-Lime got his name.

  • Client
    Osijek Brewery (Osječka pivovara)


    Creative Director
    Marin Balaić


  • Rap "artists"
    Vedran Marjanović & Ivar Wershansky


    3D models, animation, light, render
    Leomar Iglesias

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