Be someone's light this Christmas

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With the full support and trust of HEP, we wanted to craft a story for Christmas that didn't focus on HEP. This story is about the people that live through Christmas, the families that grow across generations and always come back to the same table to share the light of their love for each other. One of the largest productions ever for our studio, made difficult because of the pandemic of 2020, involved building an entire apartment set from scratch, half a dozen children, multiple in-camera transitions and a big dose of Christmas spirit.

  • Client


    Creative Director
    Marin Balaić


    Marin Balaić & Vedran Marjanović


    Executive Producer
    Luka Šarić

  • VFX Supervisor
    Chris Correia


    3D models, light, render
    Leomar Iglesias

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