Belje Premium Graševina

Product Ad

Belje's winemaking heritage traces back to the Roman era, when the very hill that now cradles the contemporary winery bore the name Mons Aureus – the illustrious Golden Hill. Renowned as a premier wine producer of the region, Belje stands as a beacon of excellence. Among their stellar offerings, the Premium Graševina (also known as Welschriesling or Riesling italico) emerges as a world-class white wine, its distinction underscored by several gold medals from the Decanter awards.
The idea of this simple but effective ad was to visualize the alchemic nature of transforming the grapes into wine and to convey a very simple truth about Belje Wine: they take care of every drop of wine as if it was the last.

Dark scene of a single grape tranforming into a drop of white wine
metal tube full of gunk being cleaned by the drop
Closeup of a wine drop splash inside of a wine glass

To embody the campaign claim "Excellence to the last drop" we shoot high-speed footage of wine drop hitting against the surface of the wine. Making the impact look just right took some experimenting because type and thickness of the wine glass heavily influenced how we controled the look of refractions.

a print ad showing an engine being cleaned with a spray bottle in the shape of a fuel nozzle

The grapes were done fully CGI utilizing Blender's powerful Geometry Nodes.

  • Client
    Belje Wines


    Creative Director
    Marin Balaić


    Marin Balaić & Chris Correia


    Executive Producer
    Luka Šarić

  • High-Speed Filming
    Ivar Wershansky & Chris Correia


    Animation, 3D models, Light, Render
    Chris Correia & Leomar Iglesias

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