Fortecom App by Fortenova

App branding and visual identity

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print ad for Fortecom, a group of coworkers sitting around the Fortecom logo looking upwards

Fortecom is Fortenova's Group inhouse communication app. We developed branding and visual identity for Fortecom, keeping in mind the Group's visual standards and rescpecting Fortenova's identity.

Idea behind the logo was a two-way communication that the app enables and makes easily available for everyone to engage, poll, review and chat.

internal communication poster for Fortecom group
internal communication poster for Fortecom group
Fortecom internal communication app displayed on a phone screen
  • Client
    Fortenova Group


    Creative Director
    Marin Balaić


    Design, animation
    Marin Balaić


    Ivar Wershansky


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