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Without bees there would be no flowers or plants, and therefore no tea. Agriculture all over the world depends on them and they are an unavoidable link in the pollination of about 75% of food products. However, the number of these precious pollinators is significantly reduced, among other things, due to the lack of honey flowers and trees. In order to ensure that the bees always have enough food, Franck decided to enable everyone to help them and host them in their own Franck Beestro. Franck Beestro is a pot for honey flowers, perfect for a balcony, window, terrace or garden, which can provide enough food for dozens of bees during the flowering season. And while the bees enjoy the food provided for them, consumers can enjoy the fine Franck teas that they bees have provided for them.

Illustration of Beestro box front by Vedran Klemens
Illustration of two bees sitting at the tabble having a cup of tea
Balcony with Beestro box full of flowers, watering can and a cup of Franck tea

The production schedule didn't allow filming background plates during different weather conditions that were neccessary to show the passage of time while the flowers are growing so we used 3D map data and combined it with map textures. We rebuilt the cityscape and landscape in 3D so we could control the light and recreate different weather conditions and times of day.

Unwrapped illustration of Beestro box by Vedran Klemens
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